Jan Willem Alphenaar

Inspirational Speaker, Trainer & Author about Marketing
Jan Willem Alphenaar got addicted to computers at the age of 11 in 1981. Since then he always had access to a screen. In 1993 he graduated on the topic WWW for his informatics study.

From 1997 till 2003 he owned a multimedia and webdesign studio and was of the ten big web companies in the Netherlands. From 2003 untill 2010 he worked in sales, IT and Public Relations.

In 2010 he combined his gained knowledge of both tech and communications to become an author, blogger, speaker and trainer about trends in tech, communications and business. He already spoke for over a 500 groups on different continents and was a finalist for best Speaker of the Netherlands in 2016.

He likes to talk about new and unknown developments with a twist. His mission is to inform, educate, amaze, inspire and entertain his audiences. With passion and in-depth knowledge.

At BE-Wizard! I will speak about:

Can we digitize real experience?
Plenary Hall

For the last decade companies and people are trying to digitize their business or part of it. Sales, marketing, product development, customer contact, customer experience, etc... Looking at all the developments like smartphones, marketing automation, webshops, chat bots, robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, rating sites, peer-to-peer selling, and social media its almost like we live in a world where science fiction has become reality. It's like we don't need people or personal contact anymore to have a successful business. But is that really the case? Should you use a human touch to make a difference or is there no future for that?
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BE-Wizard! l'ideale per uscire dalla routine del lavoro quotidiano e farsi contaminare da nuove idee. Sono certo che ne vale la pena, anche solo per portare a casa una idea in pi da applicare per il proprio business. Ottime le pause, per conoscere i relatori e fare del buon networking. Internet magnifico, ma incontrare le persone ci che fa la differenza. Prova e fammi sapere
Luca Conti - Consulente SM e WM,22/04/2016
Il Digital Marketing non uno Sprint. Come una maratona richiede allenamento e una crescita morbida. E BE-Wizard! ancora di pi: una corsa a staffetta dove si vince soltanto se si corre assieme!
Nicoletta Polliotto - Digital Project Manager,20/04/2016
What a privilege and pleasure to be part of Be-Wizard 2015! I was honored to share the stage with some of the leading experts in digital communications, storytelling, social media and campaigning from around the globe. To anyone who didn't get a chance to attend this year – make sure you block next years conference in your calendar.
Julius van de Laar - Political Strategist and Campaign Consultant, 15/04/2015
Se partecipare al BE-Wizard un momento importante, lo ancora di pi poter vedere i retroscena di questo imponente evento. Tante le persone attente a cogliere spunti per il proprio business e relatori di fama internazionale veramente coinvolgenti e chiari. Human2Human is making to feel each one involved! Congratulations!
Sara Castiglioni - Social Media Manager,23/04/2015
Be-Wizard is a big impressive event, bringing together the most learned professionals in the diverse industries, helping them network and learn from each other's knowledgable insights. Great event, great enthusiasm, great internationality!

Ambika Zutshi - Fashion design and Marketing expert, 24/03/2014
The content was on a level I have a hard time finding anywhere. The speakers were not giving flavor of the month ideas, but very well researched, and proven theories and practices. I was blow away.
Mathew Sweezey - Principal of Marketing Insights - Salesforce,21/04/2016
Be-Wizard 2013 delivered on my super high expectations for great content, inspirational stories, amazing speakers. The conference touched on all the most important topics in Digital Marketing and provided practical solutions that the attendees will benefit from immediately.
Avinash Kaushik 12/3/'13 Digital Marketing Evangelist-Google
The word I should have chosen is “gelato” because the conference was sweet, rich, dense and totally enjoyable. And left me wanting to come back for more.Special call outs to M. Sweezey for a powerful, clear and thought provoking take on how digital changes marketing completely. Also to C. Anderson who gave a brilliant presentation on the impact of Social Media on pricing decisions.
Gary Angel - Leader EY's D.A. Practice,23/04/2016
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