Gabriele Qualizza

Brand communication specialist
Gabriele Qualizza conducts research, consulting and training activities in the field of marketing and business communication, specifically focusing on consumer brand engagement, digital consumption and unconventional approaches.
He is member of the editorial board of Brandforum.it, the first observatory in Italy on the world of brands, a meeting point between scientific research on branding and business realities.

He regularly participates as speaker at events and seminars on digital marketing. He holds seminars and training courses for institutions, companies and consulting agencies. He has worked as a copywriter in advertising for a long time.

Research Fellow at the University of Udine, he is professor of "Theories and Languages of Digital Advertising" for the Master Course in "Communication, Digital Marketing and Interactive Advertising", organized by the Catholic University of Milan in collaboration with IAB Italy - Interactive Advertising Bureau. He also teaches Area Marketing and Business Communication at the University of Trieste and at the Gorizia seat of the University of Udine.

He has publishedFacebook Generation. I "nativi digitali" tra linguaggi del consumo, mondi di marca e nuovi media (Facebook Generation. The 'digital natives' between the languages of consumerism, brand worlds and new media) (2013);Oltre lo shopping.I nuovi luoghi del consumo: percorsi, esplorazioni, progetti (Beyond shopping. New places of consumption: paths, explorations, projects ) (2006) andTransparent Factory;Quando gli spazi del lavoro fanno comunicazione (When Working Spaces Communicate) (2010). He is one of the authors of the Sole 24 ore Marketing Guide Marketing (2009).
Gabriele Qualizza On Bookstores

  • Facebook Generation.I "nativi digitali" tra linguaggi del consumo, mondi di marca e nuovi media -Gabriele Qualizza, EUT2013
  • Transparent Factory.Quando gli spazi del lavoro fanno comunicazione -Gabriele Qualizza, FrancoAngeli 2010
  • Oltre lo shopping.I nuovi luoghi del consumo: percorsi, esplorazioni, progetti - Gabriele Qualizza, Ed. Goliardiche 2006.
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Da un punto di vista professionale l'evento pi interessante e completo in Italia. E da un punto di vista organizzativo non ho ancora trovato "il difetto". Lo consiglio a tutti i professionisti del settore (e magari anche a qualche cliente)!

Francesco Porzio - Esperto Social Media Marketing, 25/03/2014
I was honored to be one of the speakers at BE-Wizard! 2014 - but I benefited even more by listening to the other speakers at this must-attend event.
Greg Jarboe - Video Marketing Expert, 24/03/2014
Il piacere di essere coinvolto in un progetto di cos alto spessore superato solo dal calore, dall'interessa e dalla competenza che ho trovato. Grazie a Titanka e a tutti coloro che hanno reso possibile l'evento.

Italo Paltrinieri - Consulente Revenue, 24/03/2014
The content was on a level I have a hard time finding anywhere. The speakers were not giving flavor of the month ideas, but very well researched, and proven theories and practices. I was blow away.
Mathew Sweezey - Principal of Marketing Insights - Salesforce,21/04/2016
This was my very first international conference in Italy, and I think that events like BE-Wizard should be held more often in Italy. The reason is simple, you can’t do your job better, whether it’s SEO/SEM or digital marketing in general, without fresh ideas. BE-Wizard is a special event where you can learn about the international experience and grab some actionable insights for your future projects.
Alexandra Tachalova- Digital Marketing Consultant, 19/05/2015
Se partecipare al BE-Wizard un momento importante, lo ancora di pi poter vedere i retroscena di questo imponente evento. Tante le persone attente a cogliere spunti per il proprio business e relatori di fama internazionale veramente coinvolgenti e chiari. Human2Human is making to feel each one involved! Congratulations!
Sara Castiglioni - Social Media Manager,23/04/2015
The word I should have chosen is “gelato” because the conference was sweet, rich, dense and totally enjoyable. And left me wanting to come back for more.Special call outs to M. Sweezey for a powerful, clear and thought provoking take on how digital changes marketing completely. Also to C. Anderson who gave a brilliant presentation on the impact of Social Media on pricing decisions.
Gary Angel - Leader EY's D.A. Practice,23/04/2016
BE-Wizard! l'ideale per uscire dalla routine del lavoro quotidiano e farsi contaminare da nuove idee. Sono certo che ne vale la pena, anche solo per portare a casa una idea in pi da applicare per il proprio business. Ottime le pause, per conoscere i relatori e fare del buon networking. Internet magnifico, ma incontrare le persone ci che fa la differenza. Prova e fammi sapere
Luca Conti - Consulente SM e WM,22/04/2016
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