Tiziana Primori

CEO of FICO Eataly World

Tiziana Primori is CEO of Eataly World, the company that is creating and will manage in Bologna the first theme park dedicated to excellence in Italian agro-food: FICO (Italian Peasant Factory). She has been Vice president of Eataly since 2013, the company founded by Oscar Farinetti, in May 2015, and she has been selected as Women CEO of the year by the jury of Women's International Prize "Le Tecnovisionarie", intended for women who help bring sustainable innovation in society, as part of the Expo Global Women Forum.
After an early career in a professional logistics center at a big retail cooperative, until the 90s she was dealing with logistics and production in Iveco (Fiat Group), and then she started counseling as CEO of Smaer, a company specializing in organizational innovation. Since 1996, she worked in Coop, where she was Director of Human Resources and Information Systems, Director of Sales and Organization, and vice president of Coop Adriatica. Since 2009 she has been general manager of the management department, with the responsibility of the characteristic activity of nearly 200 stores. She also guided the activities of the Coop in the South, with Ipercoop Sicily, Supercoop Sicily and Distribution Rome. Among her most innovative creations, in 2008 she created the "Ambasciatori di Bologna": an original space, in a three-storey building, which houses a large Coop library, a bar, a restaurant and an inn of Eataly. The project was an international success, receiving the World Retail Innovation Award 2010 and the Award of the President of the Republic for Innovation 2010. Recently, she followed the Middle-Market in Bologna: former town food market, abandoned for years, turned in a space where to buy, taste and learn about the best agro-food in the territory.

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Gary Angel - Leader EY's D.A. Practice,23/04/2016
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I was honored to be one of the speakers at BE-Wizard! 2014 - but I benefited even more by listening to the other speakers at this must-attend event.
Greg Jarboe - Video Marketing Expert, 24/03/2014
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Da un punto di vista professionale l'evento pi interessante e completo in Italia. E da un punto di vista organizzativo non ho ancora trovato "il difetto". Lo consiglio a tutti i professionisti del settore (e magari anche a qualche cliente)!

Francesco Porzio - Esperto Social Media Marketing, 25/03/2014
Be-Wizard is a big impressive event, bringing together the most learned professionals in the diverse industries, helping them network and learn from each other's knowledgable insights. Great event, great enthusiasm, great internationality!

Ambika Zutshi - Fashion design and Marketing expert, 24/03/2014
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